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At Golden Process Service, we take great pride in being a reliable process server in the state of Florida. Our dedication to effectiveness and dependability has established us as a preferred option for numerous individuals seeking assistance with the delivery of legal paperwork.



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We take care of a wide range of legal documents, including Summons and Subpoenas, as well as 3 Day Landlord/Tenant Notices and Demand Letters. If you need to provide physical evidence of delivery to the court, you can rely on our team. Our knowledge and experience guarantee that your documents will be delivered to the intended recipients, following all the required legal procedures.


Skip Tracing: Facing difficulties in finding the whereabouts of a defendant? Our skip tracing service will aid in guaranteeing the accurate delivery of your documents.

Affidavit of Due Diligence & Diligent Search: If opting for publication as a means to serve a defendant, our licensed servers can carry out an Affidavit of Diligent Search, enabling the progression of your case.


Our servers consist of licensed professionals and appointed experts who operate within their respective jurisdictions. Their extensive knowledge and experience allow them to serve every document in full compliance with the rules and regulations.

Moreover, our team is well-versed not only in the laws governing process service in the United States but also in those applicable internationally. This expertise ensures that every service we provide is fully compliant and conducted with integrity.

To keep you informed throughout the process, we employ cutting-edge mobile apps that deliver real-time updates and notifications. This way, you stay informed every step of the way, receiving timely information as it happens.