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Very professional! They answered all our questions clearly. They provide quality service. And we're grateful for the discount they offered us. Will definitely use their services again!

Yleannah Millara Avatar Yleannah Millara
December 26, 2023

Mike was professional & got the job done extremely fast!! Will definitely use his services again!

Alessandra Barile Avatar Alessandra Barile
December 19, 2023

As a property management company, we often require the services of a process serving company, and our experience with Golden Process Service has been exemplary. Their professionalism, efficiency, and outstanding customer service have made them our go-to choice!

Maks Taubin Avatar Maks Taubin
December 12, 2023

They are great! Easy communication, and follow up! Super fast service. I attempted using the sheriff twice until I found them. I will always recommend. They will make you feel at ease, and they sure deliver promptly results!

Lisset Morales Avatar Lisset Morales
December 12, 2023

From the moment that I contacted Mikhael at Golden Process, I knew I was in good hands. When I sent him the assignment, he quickly confirmed receipt and completed the assignment without delay. For all of your process serving needs and legal support services I highly recommend golden process service.

Joe Horton Avatar Joe Horton
December 12, 2023

Very professional. Asked him to go to a meeting to serve someone. The person was unfortunately not at the meeting and hiding at home. He Immediately went to the home and successfully got her.

Marcus Rolor Avatar Marcus Rolor
December 2, 2023

I used Golden Process for the first time and they were super responsive and got my documents turned over and served same day as well as completion of affidavit of service needed for court. Wish I had them up here in Atlanta! Will ABSOLUTELY use them again should I have needs in the South Florida/Miami area!! Thank you so much!!

Lowe Litigation Avatar Lowe Litigation
November 2, 2023

I am an attorney working in northeastern PA. GPS was retained to serve the Defendant in a custody matter who is located in south Florida. The job was completed by GPS in under one day and for a very reasonable price. A professional and reliable source!

Fred Howe Avatar Fred Howe
November 2, 2023

I could not be happier posting this review. Mike is a true professional. He is incredibly responsive and extremely knowledgeable. As a very satisfied client, I recommend him and his firm without reservation, and look forward to continuing to work with him.

Darin Engelhardt Avatar Darin Engelhardt
November 2, 2023

Professional and reliable.

jayc650 Con Avatar jayc650 Con
October 2, 2023

Fast, professional, and reliable service. Mike went above the call of duty to deliver a summons for me. I would highly recommend this company.

Courtney Jenkins Avatar Courtney Jenkins
October 2, 2023

This establishment was professional, kind, honest, understood the importance of haste and valued my time. Definitely reputable and I recommend.

Joel Ebanks Avatar Joel Ebanks
October 2, 2023

Golden Process Service is the best of the best and it is not even close. I am an attorney of 22 years and I have worked with a LOT of process servers. In all those years, I cannot think of even one process server that I would mention in the same sentence with Golden Process Service. Responsive. Professional. Courteous. Reasonable prices. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Steven Ganim Avatar Steven Ganim
October 2, 2023

Excellent service, A+ with a great price!

Elite Legal Services Avatar Elite Legal Services
October 2, 2023

I work for a process serving company in the bay area and started using Golden Process earlier this year 2023 and I am extremely impressed with their work! Their prices are very affordable for the quality work. They get jobs done quickly and efficiently. We replaced another server with Golden and I am so glad we did. They are professional, and extremely accurate with every job. Never disappointed! Thank you!! Kim, Robert L. Jones, Inc.

Kim Xiques Avatar Kim Xiques
October 2, 2023

Highly recommended for process Service. Not only does he go above and beyond to get the service done, but also very quick with communication and super nice. I trust him for all my process service needs. Amazing server, amazing company, amazing person.

Beth Kramer Avatar Beth Kramer
October 2, 2023

I have used Golden Process Service many times this year. Their rates are better than the service companies i have used in the past. They always get the job done well and their communication is phenomenal. They have even been able to get serve the same date assigned to them. Truly impressed.

joshua Costello Avatar joshua Costello
September 2, 2023

What an amazing, seamless experience! I contacted Golden Process Service on Sunday night, and by Tuesday 8am, the defendant had been served! I hope to never have to do this again, but if I do, I know who to call. 5/5 recommend!

Selina Khan Avatar Selina Khan
September 2, 2023

an atty recommended Golden Process Service our company to find a ghost. This guy had evaded being found by moving a lot, changing employment, changing autos quickly...he knew what to do to stay hidden. Golden not only took their job seriously they FOUND him. and it wasn't easy but they got the job done. THIS is your process service right here!! don't waste money on other services, use Golden!

Thomas Phillips Avatar Thomas Phillips
September 2, 2023

These guys were relentless in helping our law firm serve this super hard-to-find guy. We had to use multiple private investigators to find him! Thanks to Golden Process, he was served today. Kudos to your efforts!

Jenny Delumen-Buenaobra Avatar Jenny Delumen-Buenaobra
September 2, 2023

Unbelievable experience with this team. Reasonably priced and goes the distance for service. They have impressed me anew each time I use them. Owner is personally involved in the company and ensures top notch communication and excellent service bar none!

Cassandra Haworth Avatar Cassandra Haworth
September 2, 2023

Golden Process Server did an amazing and rapid job serving a summons. I would highly recommend Golden Process Server!

Haylee Edler Avatar Haylee Edler
September 2, 2023

Excellent service. Highly Recommended. Thank you Mike.

Christina Arnold Avatar Christina Arnold
September 2, 2023

I contacted this company in reference to service in Jacksonville Florida. They not only were professional and courtesy but they served the documents for me in an expeditious manner. I rate this company a 10/10 and this company will definitely be my go to for server in the Jacksonville area. Thank you again.

Jamie Henderson Avatar Jamie Henderson
September 2, 2023